Addiction: My List

It’s true.  I’m addicted and I don’t think there’s a rehab that can fix me.  Here are a few of my stranger addictions:

1.  NCIS

Today I packed my boys up in the van and went for a two hour round-trip drive to the nearest store where I could buy this:

Season 7

Season 7

Every night I watch at least one episode, sometimes as many as four.  We finished Season 6 on Saturday night and the only thing that kept us from killing each other that night was the (Canadian) premiere of “Outlander”.  Last night I just drank wine until I couldn’t stay up any longer so I wouldn’t miss my nightly NCIS fix!


2.  Puzzle Game “Fill-a-pix”

This game has taken over every spare second of my life.  I have played it while brushing my teeth before bed, while sitting outside watching the kids play, during my morning constitutional, and occasionally when my car has been stopped for a particularly long train!


Available In the app store

It is a ridiculous (and ridiculously addictive) game.  Along the same lines as Minesweeper, you just have to determine how many squares are blackened in the nine-square grid surrounding any given clue.  As you can see in my example, I can fill the remaining squares in this grid as clear because I already have the four that I need.  I spend hours (and too much battery life!) moving that little red square around the screen!


3.  Drinking

Well…not so much drinking itself, more like joking about drinking.  If you’ve read more than one of my stories you’ll notice that there is often at least one mention of booze.

Good example considering my birthday was last week!

Good example considering my birthday was last week!

Honestly, I was kind of worried when we moved to the farm.  Before we lived here we would often come over for parties (or just visits that turned into parties!) so there would normally be a lot of drinking involved.  I thought that would end up happening every day now but it really hasn’t.  When the weekends come and people start to congregate the party atmosphere prevails around here but now that it’s more commonplace in my life I don’t feel the need to always drink (although when it’s hot I still maintain that nothing refreshes me as much as a frozen concoction!).